Monday, February 04, 2008

HillaryCare: Listen to Me or Watch Your Wallets

People actually laugh at Wonker when he accuses Hillary of harboring a socialist agenda. Well if you don't believe me, why not ask Hillary herself? Ever doubt that Hill still stands foursquare behind the socialization of healthcare in this country? Well, think again:
Democrat Hillary Rodham Clinton said Sunday she might be willing to garnish the wages of workers who refuse to buy health insurance to achieve coverage for all Americans.
She's aghast that Barack Obama has the temerity to disagree with her:
The New York senator has criticized presidential rival Barack Obama for pushing a health plan that would not require universal coverage. Clinton has not always specified the enforcement measures she would embrace, but when pressed on ABC's "This Week," she said: "I think there are a number of mechanisms" that are possible, including "going after people's wages, automatic enrollment."
Check out the aggressive, punishment-oriented verbiage here, "going after people's wages." It's an astonishingly blatant statement of intent, one that should give all voters, including well-meaning liberals, some pause. Hillary's belligerence is a great example of the smug, condescending attitude elite Democrats display toward the rest of us. Like the Stalinists they are, we're either going to willingly submit to their will, or, by God, they'll force us to.
Clinton said such measures would apply only to workers who can afford health coverage but refuse to buy it, which puts undue pressure on hospitals and emergency rooms. With her proposals for subsidies, she said, "it will be affordable for everyone."
Take that, you Gen X slackers who'd rather spend your money than fork it over to The State. We'll just take that money away from you before you get paid, to make health coverage "affordable for everyone." So there. And who gets to determine which voters are slackers who have the money but refuse to "buy" the package? Why Hillary, of course. Take it to the bank.

We actually appreciate Hillary's candor this time around. We hope voters will take her at her word. And really think before voting.

Unless, of course, you don't mind Hillary's Garnishment being added to the FICA, Medicare, Federal, State, and Local taxes that already reduce your take-home pay to a pittance.

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