Wednesday, October 15, 2008

That Was the Week That Was

Gee, I'm showing my age--our headline was the theme of the British telly show that inspired the news segment of our own "Laugh In" TV series. That, in turn, spawned the more elaborate news segment on Saturday Night Live. You know, the one that used to be funny but is now engineered as weekly fuel to support NBC's 24/7 effort to obliterate the Republican Party in this election.

But that's not why we're penning one of HazZzMat's continually difficult-to-write posts today. It's just to indicate that I'll be putting up what are hopefully relatively succinct posts on the current Wall Street shenanigans, how they tie in with language and electioneering, and how we are, as a nation, about to succumb to the utter triumph of Gramscian chicanery.

I've been away again for awhile due to the continuing problems involving the Wonkers' remaining parental unit, Mrs. Wonker's dad. (The rest of those units, alas, have departed over the last year and a half, probably due in part to needing to leave a world that they could no longer remotely comprehend.)

Additionally, I've been at the computer for what seems like my own 24/7 gig trying to salvage my investment portfolio so I can have a retirement. Aggressive trading has gotten back over 25% of my disastrous portfolio losses over the last 3 days, although today it looks like the market is swooning again. Given that I used to be a professional at this, I'm confident I can at least get back to even over the next 12 months, but God knows what the average dude is thinking out there right now.

Sadly, he's probably thinking about pulling the lever for Obama in about 3 weeks. This would complete the triumph of the most intensely organized far left attack on American democracy that this country has ever seen. Unfortunately, John Q. Public is not seeing this and is buying the line that everything is Bush's fault. And concluding that the only way to wreak revenge and salvation is by banishing the Repubs and putting in the Democrats Socialists.

Wrong answer. Stay tuned. We'll get there.

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