Monday, June 21, 2010

Diverted by Diverticulitis

Well, just when I was ready to get blogging again, I ended up in the emergency room this weekend with an attack of acute diverticulitis. Never a clue I had that problem. A couple of IV bags of antibiotics and I'm back home again and not feeling all that well. But this incident made me wonder. I was in to Reston Hospital Center circa 3 AM, checked in without even being hassled about insurance (which I have), saw a doc by 3:30, was sent up for a CAT scan around 5 (after ingesting a liter of "dye"), was wheeled back to the emergency suite by 5:30, had the IVs inserted by 6 and left the hospital about 8:15, complete with appropriate prescriptions.

And what I'm wondering about is--if the Feds were in charge of this (which they intend to be), would I be dead now? Something to think about this November.

Guess it's also time to get on the ball and get that colonoscopy done. (Shudder.)

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