Friday, August 13, 2010

Obama Administration "Overworked"? Yawn...

The New York Times propagandized reported on the recent exodus of White House staffers recently, carrying water for the Administration by complaining about just how hard it is to work for said White House. Yawn. I worked as a contractor for the White House at a rather low level, circa 1996-2001, 2005. And yeah, it's a buster since it doesn't really respect family life or free time requirements. But whaddaya want, yer makin' history, right?

Victor Davis Hanson calls out the whiners in an online NRO Weekend piece. Money Quotes:
Does this serial complaining come from the top, or is it simply characteristic of the urban technocratic class?

The Times wants to draw a sympathetic portrait of the heroic Obama cadre that suffers so much on our behalf. These are six-figure jobs that wear out one’s hands on the Blackberry, true, but serve as valuable stepping-stones to even higher-paying corporate jobs. And this is still a recession. This raise-the-bar griping will not go down well with the coal worker in Montana, the welder on a 30-story scaffold, or the oil worker offshore....
Hanson wonders where all the sympathy for the Bushies was as they worked out their response to 9/11 on the fly, probably without Blackberrys. Do you? His not so subtle conclusion, and mine: More sycophantic propaganda on behalf of America's first, and hopefully last, Marxist Presidency from America's 21st century answer to Pravda.

Today's elites, more often than not, have never held a real job, never gotten their hands dirty, never ran a business. Like the bulk of today's academics (themselves members of this elite), they, too, live in a world of comfortable theories. They're generally urban-dwellers on the east coast who have no clue as to how things are made or how they work, and hold the working people proletariat in utter contempt. Which is why today's proles don't have jobs. But that's another topic.

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