Saturday, April 16, 2011

Al Gore: Warmist Jackass

He's ba-a-a-ack! Yes indeedy, Al Gore, aka "The Goracle." America's own Foghorn Leghorn and longtime pretender to the White House has surfaced yet again with the same old self-serving "global warming" rant. Ever notice? Each of Gore's successive media resurrections resemble trailers from those old Hammer films where Dracula constantly rises from the grave they put him in back in the previous film. In any event, The Hill reports:
Al Gore told young green energy advocates Friday that progress on global warming must come from a strong grassroots movement that can counter the oil and coal lobbies, which he alleged have “paralyzed” governments.
Gore – who compared action on global warming to the Civil Rights movement – was the keynote speaker at Power Shift 2011, a Washington, D.C. conference attended largely by college students.

Here's an audience tailor made for this horizontally-challenged warmist buffoon whose undergrad college GPA was actually lower than that of G.W. Bush, the alleged moron who beat Gore and his operatives fair and square in Florida in Y2K. Today's college kids largely learn nothing but the Marxist propaganda they hear in the average college classroom rather than actual useful subject matter.
Gore's agitprop included the following meaningless observation:
“It’s true that governments by and large have been politically paralyzed because the energy companies, the coal companies, the oil companies, the coal-burning utilities, they have spent enormous amounts of money and they have succeeded in many countries in paralyzing the political process,” the former vice president said.
Of course it's also true that the entire Lamestream Media, nearly all Democrats in Congress, and every lefty prof this or that side of the Pecos, plus America's Blatherer-in-Chief are all warmists who are casting a blind eye on the EPA's illegal overregulation of the utility and mining industries, all of which furthers the warmists' ends. Not to mention the ruthless lobbying of the enviro-freaks. I'd say these clowns currently have the upper hand over Gore's whipping boys of the day, the energy company lobbyists, who are ultimately on the side of all Americans who want lower-cost domestically produced energy whenever possible, not higher energy prices extorted by unfriendly regimes and speculators.

Not to be deterred, America's Clown Prince of RICO continues:
“There are four anti-climate lobbyists on Capitol Hill in this city for every single member of the House and every single member of the Senate,” Gore said Friday night at the opening of the April 15-18 conference.

“What is the answer for this?" Gore asked. "It has to come from you. It has to come at the grassroots level. It has to come from young people, and I believe that you are up to it and that you can do it.”
Yep, it has to come from young people. Young people who won't be able to get a job or pay back their horrendous student loans, courtesy of Obama, the Democrats, and the environmentaloids, all of whom seek to cut back on human reproduction by making living itself impossibly expensive. Young people who won't see a dime of Medicare or Social Security if the demagoguing of the Socialist Democrat Party continues unanswered and unchallenged.

Gore retreated for awhile after the East Anglia-led global warming fraud hoax was exposed two years ago. I guess he figures the coast is clear now, so it's time to defend his vast "green" investments again. Let's never forget that Gore has staked his entire economic future on money-losing but taxpayer supported boondoggles subsidizing "alternative energy" projects, none of which will ever generate a dime in unsubsidized profits.

I'm amazed that this blustering, self-righteous, idiot still gets any press coverage at all. Then again, I maybe shouldn't be. After all, it's that same "legitimate media" that anointed "The One," whose presidency is already threatening to dethrone the Carter interregnum as the worst presidency ever. Between Gore and Obama, it's a real contest as to which of these super smarmy politicos is actually the most drippingly condescending to and contemptuous of the average American citizen. I hope a few of these citizens at least will regain their equilibrium and common sense before entering the voting booth in November 2012.

As for Gore. It is increasingly possible that we will never again see a bigger, blowsier, more blissfully buffo bloviator in this century.

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