Sunday, June 26, 2011

Obama Fakeout Obscures High Oil Price Policy

Few in the MSM have picked up on the ludicrousness of President Obama's and the IEA's surprise Strategic Petroleum Reserve announcement late this past week. It was intended to disrupt speculation in oil prices/futures, particularly in the price of Brent crude which was way out of line and causing no end of vexation in Europe. Read all about it in my latest Washington Times Communities column under my new blog/column head, The Prudent Man.

The real story here, however, is more complex. The administration has done everything it possibly can to squeeze oil, gas, and coal supplies/usage in this country, the better to drive fuel prices up to unnatural, unaffordable heights, thus causing the US populace to beg the Feds to support non-fossil fuel alternatives. I.e., the administration is still enslaved to the myth of global warming climate change and will destroy this country and its middle class to force a non-solution on an unwilling people, all of which, of course, is subsidized by the taxpayers. Roughly 19% of whom, BTW, are out of work for some reason.

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