Sunday, December 23, 2007

No Giuliani Scandal? Who Knew?

For those of you who have been following the semiotics of the perfectly awful Rudy Giuliani scandal, here's a startling revelation from the generally scurrilous HuffPo via Instapundit:
HUFFINGTON POST: Giuliani's Exoneration Over Expense Scandal Falls On Deaf Ears. "Over the past several weeks, Rudy Giuliani's presidential aspirations have been weighed down by allegations that he hid trip expenses to see then-mistress Judith Nathan by billing them to obscure city agencies. Now, however, a new review of records has partially exonerated Giuliani for what was widely perceived to be a cover-up. And conservatives and even impartial observers are bemoaning that the scandal received far more attention compared to the revelations of innocence. "
Gee, let's see. The media blows way out of proportion an alleged scandal surrounding the then front-running Republican presidential candidate and flogs it for all it's worth, day after day. Rudy has to defend himself against nothing on TV day after day. Rudy drops in the polls.

Now the story has been proven to be almost entirely false, Rudy is largely vindicated, so from the media we get—silence? Has all the earmarks of another Clintonista hit job. Point in fact is that internal and external pollings over the past few months have viewed Hillary as increasingly vulnerable due to her persistently high negatives. Vulnerable to the point that an unconventional Republican opponent like Rudy might sink her presumed upcoming Queenship rather handily in the hinterlands.

What to do? Smear your opponent with moral allegations that the MSM will surely lap up, trumpet your own plausible deniability, and let the smear do its dirty work. Very effective. Rudy's unusual campaign strategy has been at least temporarily derailed, right at the wrong time. Hillary's minions have wounded the man who has arguably been the surprise Republican front-runner up to this point. And with the press withdrawing and not correcting their string of false stories, many of the public now view it as an established fact that Rudy is a crook. Mission accomplished.

Kind of reminds you of another ongoing brouhaha that's occurring within Hillary's own party: the horrendous and perfectly awful meme about Barack Obama's drug use as a callow youth, which is also getting the full treatment in the press:

A top adviser to Hillary Rodham Clinton's campaign said Wednesday that Democrats should give more thought to Sen. Barack Obama's admissions of illegal drug use before they pick a presidential candidate.

Obama's campaign said the Clinton people were getting desperate. Clinton's campaign tried to distance itself from the remarks.

Bill Shaheen, a national co-chairman of Clinton's front-runner campaign, raised the issue during an interview with The Washington Post...

Here we get the name of the smear-artist: Bill Shaheen. Except you'll note that the first graf here again gives Shaheen some culpable deniability to hide from as, on behalf of his patrons, he goes for the one Democrat who is genuinely giving Hillary a run for her money. In this case, Shaheen can claim he's only "mentioning" something that's already been reported so that Obama supporters can give "more thought" to the issue. One that, lest we forget, dogged Bill Clinton himself in the 1992 campaign where he famously "experimented" with marijuana but "didn't inhale."

As Wonker himself can attest, having attended Georgetown University at the same time as Bill, the only way you could avoid inhaling was to have a girlfriend who baked the stuff into "Alice B. Toklas" brownies. (But then, what's okay for Bill and Hill may be wrong for everybody else because they say so.)

Republicans, and Obama, should learn that the only way to counterattack the standard Clinton propaganda machine, geared not only toward discrediting an opponent but driving his or her reputation into the gutter forever, is to lay out the truth, get it on the web, and mount an equal if not greater counterattack based on the Clintons' real scandals involving the same offenses. Like Bill's own admitted indulgence in illegal substances. Or maybe Hillary's firing of career White House travel office people on totally false, trumped up charges, just so she could hire her pals.

Whether it's Rudy or Obama, always remember: if it's a lousy, lowlife smear story on a candidate or politician deemed dangerous to the Clintonistas, dimes to donuts it came from the Clinton camp. Scoundrels and opportunists all, lusting only for power and with no program save for warmed over, feelgood socialism, they are all leftists without morals, skilled in Stalinist tactics but devoid of realistic solutions for anything, save for extracting more money from your wallets.

If the press had any sense at all, they'd refuse to grab at these stories. But most of them, though not all, are still in the pockets of the Clintonistas, eagerly awaiting another 8 years of amoral fun and frolic while Al Qaeda rebuilds its forces, once again unmolested.

As for Shaheen, husband, BTW, of New Hampshire Democrat Governor and current U.S. Senate candidate Jeanne Shaheen:
Officially, Bill Shaheen is off the Hillary Clinton campaign.
Sure. But he'll be hanging around the sleazy periphery, as more FOBs (Friends of Bill) try to grab the reins of power in Washington next year. Be sure to vote against 'em all, or we are all in big trouble fiscally, politically, and internationally.

Meanwhile, for a little more background on the current anti-Obama shenanigans from the source just cited above—a "progressive" website no less—click here. Apparently, even some sober leftists are getting wary of the Clintons as Hillary's campaign.

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