Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Return from the Blizzard Bowl

Posting has been a bit thin here of late. Yours truly was called up to Cleveland last week on personal matters, ending up in the middle of a classic lake-effect blizzard this weekend past that challenged his latent Midwestern driving skills. Fortunately, the memory banks were activated and the rented silver Dodge Avenger was more than up to the snowy challenge.

So were the Cleveland Browns who bested the Buffalo Bills 8-0 in a lakefront football slugfest where the line judges needed snow and leaf blowers to uncover the yardage lines and hash marks.

Now that we're back in Dixie where we belong, we'll be back on the prowl, looking for the latest offensive moves by the Democrats and their pals in the MSM, the judiciary, academia, and the entertainment world. It won't be difficult to find the latest outrages. Our lefty friends no longer even bother trying to cover things up any more.

We'll be back...

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