Friday, May 02, 2008

More on the Eco-Freaks and How They're Bankrupting Us

If you haven't read Luther's excellent post on Dr. Zubrin below, do it now.

I'd especially commend his conclusion, which gets to the real root of the larger problem:
Ethanol from corn or sugar is not new, does not work well, and can only be supported with subsidies and state intervention in markets. That support causes a major problem in food markets, now noticed in screaming headlines across the world. Even Greens are starting to advocate nuclear powerplants. We've known for thirty years that there's enough shale oil and gas in Wyoming to fuel America for centuries. Congress refuses to do anything except mandate bad solutions like ethanol. It is time perhaps for Congress to start representing the people, instead of a single special interest that shells out bucks for campaign money...
Frankly, I'd like to know when the average American is going to wake up and stick a pitchfork into the increasingly insane Eco-Freak movement in this country. It's THEY, not Bush, the Chi-coms, or even the Democrats who are bankrupting this country and destroying its economy. (Although the Dems do their level best to help.)

We're talking energy here. And we're talking the near-complete triumph of illogic in this situation. Let's see. Oil is too expensive, so let's make ethanol from corn to replace oil. And to make it cheaper, let's subsidize it with taxpayer money. Meanwhile, let's denounce oil company "windfall" profits while preventing them from using those profits to drill for oil on both U.S. continental shelves as well as in Alaska where such exploration might force a few dozen elk to take a 10 minute detour.

And let's not burn coal, since we have plenty of it, because it creates pollution and acid rain. Let's just sell it to the Chinese so THEY can create pollution and acid rain (without the need for any coal scrubbers) while we freeze but feel virtuous. Meanwhile, we can buy more expensive oil from the Saudis so they can fund more radical madrassas to train more radical students so they can kill even more of us so we eventually won't have to use so much energy.

And let's shut down all the wind-turbines, since they kill birds and bats. And above all, let's at least not put any of those where Ted Kennedy can see them. Let's put them all in West Virginia where all those gun-toting cretins live. And then we can shut them down, since they kill birds and bats.

And let's not build nukes, because they provide clean, green energy. Because nukes cause mushroom clouds that are harmful to children and other living things. And speaking of living things, let's not wear furs to take up the warmth slack because that's a violation of animal rights.

And while we're at it, let's not build solar farms in the desert. It creates visual pollution. And besides, solar farms don't produce oil, which we need to fuel our Hummers and SUVs and private jets as we travel the world telling people not to buy Hummers, SUVs, and private jets and to use one sheet of toilet paper per necessary room session to save our trees and save our planet.

And when the entire economy collapses, let's just blame Bush.

You think we're kidding? Just try to put the energy logic of the Eco-Freaks to work, and an ambiguous, random chain of phony, indefensible nonsense like the above is what results. It's the same far-left game, really. Listen to us, because we're better, smarter, and more virtuous than you. But when you try to parse out the message, all you come up with is the snake oil they're selling. And don't get us started on carbon credits, the latest example of popular delusions and the madness of crowds.


Anonymous said...

It's a game where everything that's fair is called cheating, and where everything bad is called fair play.

Am I wrong, or do I remember a certain kind of tease who used to do that?


Wonker said...

You may remember several!