Monday, May 19, 2008

The Problem with Conservatives

Victor Davis Hanson has taken a look at the Republican Party--currently behaving like a mass-cloning of the Three Stooges--and has succinctly distilled this miserable mess:

They forgot who they were and can’t explain what they might be.

That pretty much sums it up. From fiscally-responsible adults, they've transformed into spendthrift, adolescent children. From supporting their president, they've turned instead toward the Dem's favored "Bush did it" mantra as an excuse for everything. From supporting the Afghani-Iraqi phases of the Global War on Terror, they're jumping on the defeatist-withdrawal wagon, apparently hoping to cement a new "defeat" like the one we allegedly had in Vietnam. (In actuality, we were never "defeated" there. Congress simply terminated the money. Anyone for for an instant replay?)

You get the drift. When Republicans, particularly Conservative Republicans (there are other kinds) start acting like Democrats, they come off as second-best Democrats and lose elections.

If a Republican politician's behavior and actions cause voters to conclude that he or she is actually an amateur Democrat, they'll invariably choose the real Democrat over the imposter. Every time.

It's amazing that it took the Republican bozos on the Hill only about 10 years to completely squander the Reagan Revolution and the brilliant, Gingrich-led Conservative takeover of the House. But when you see the Democrats passionately committed to that final cattle-drive toward outright Euro-style Socialism while the so-called Conservative Republicans just sit there wringing their hands and doing the same stupid things that got them into the current pickle in the first place, you're forced to realize that the Stupid Party is living up to its name. Which very shortly will consign them to back-bench status for another 50+ years.

Hansen has some good ideas for countering this slow, political suicide in his article, which everyone who cares about this issue had ought to read. The current batch of Republicrats, though, will probably skip it.

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