Monday, June 30, 2008

North Korean Brainwashing 2008-Style. Who Knew?

I've heard from many current and ex-military members that lots of South Koreans don't particularly like the U.S. nor do they appreciate what we did to save them from North Korea's past, current, and probably future "Dear Leaders" who routinely starve their people to death so they can afford the latest iPods.

I often wondered about this. But then, our European friends below, say, the age of 70 also forget why they're free today to bitch at the US.

Well, now I read the following on the well-regarded Strategy Page, re: the current neverending South Korean anti-US beef beef:
The South Korea government is beginning to realize why there is such a vigorous anti-U.S., pro-North Korea movement in a country that was devastated by a North Korean invasion 58 years ago. The reason is that most (OK, 51 percent) of South Korean teenagers know little about the Korean War (1950-53). After all, this was their grand-parents, or great-grand-parents war. The reason for the ignorance is the education system, dominated by leftists who have, over the decades, played down the unprovoked and savage North Korean invasion in 1950.
Gee, ya think?

Any of this remind you of another country's propaganda education system? Here's how it's done:
...the South Korean Communists went underground, and some remained after North Korean forces were driven out in late 1950. After the war, North Korea sent agents and money south to keep leftist organizations going. Suppressing the bad memories of the Korean war (the North Koreans were exceptionally brutal, ask any South Korean over 70) was a typical communist Information War ploy, and it has paid big dividends by creating a generation of teenagers who can be convinced that the Korean War was all the fault of the United States (who had withdrawn its troops just before the North Koreans invaded, and that was not a coincidence.)
Just like all the leftists in our public education and higher education institutions (i.e., everyone in those systems) went underground and have done the same to the last several generations of American kids, a lot of whom actually buy the "fact" that 9/11 was a Jewish-American plot or some other asinine nonsense. Or that the United States has singlehandedly caused "global warming," which tends to happen on its own every so often throughout recorded history.

Just remember. These leftist nutcases never give up on world socialism, run by them, of course with loads of money from you and me. If you doubt their plan, just read the Strategy Page link on the Korean Kids in its entirety. Then tell yourself it can't happen here.

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The Interface said...

Yes, Virginia, there is a Communist in you classroom, and he's behind the teacher's podium. When will we learn?