Thursday, June 26, 2008

A Postscript on the Oil Speculation Thing...

After lobbing another anti-personnel mine at Wall Street this morning, I thought it would be a good idea to refer you back not only to the Luther post that inspired me on this, but also to his excellent followup entry here.

To wit, Luther's latest entry picks up on a piece I sort of left by the wayside in my oil speculation diatribe. To wit: there are indeed some wealthy villains behind the common man's speculation in this market, and Luther reminds you about who they are.

Let's not forget. It took a stunned world, particularly in the Sino-Soviet sphere, a good decade to figure out that Ronald Reagan had used stealth, not Star Wars, to destroy the Soviet Union. The Star Wars threat--that offensive weapons could be launched at the Chinese and the Rushkies from space--caused the Russians to spend their limp economy into oblivion to counter something that Reagan never had in his arsenal. In short, the Soviets WERE SPENT TO DEATH BY THE CAPITALISTS.

Hey, this is a hell of a way to win a war, eh? Aside from a little leverage, it's pretty cheap. Nobody gets killed, the enemy gets demoralized, and the infrastructure remains intact. Putin and the Chi-coms figured this out. So did 5th Columnists like the so-called Greens and George Soros. And so did the Islamofascists, who, I must remind you, are the distillation of evil. But they are by no means dumb. And they learn very quickly.

And these people are indeed, as Luther points out, clearly playing the game. Particularly when you look at the volume of energy futures contracts traded. There's a lot of money behind it.

And again, per Luther, it's a complicated game. The action has indeed panicked average investors into gobbling up oil, gas, and related ETFs, hugely magnifying the "investing" the big boys have already caused.

And indeed, it's all part of the far left dream, at least on one hand--to pull a reverse Pol Pot and force suburbanites, who can no longer use their cars, back into the cities where they can be more easily managed by the socialists who run them. Overgrowth will eventually overtake the McMansions and starter castles, maybe even allowing polar bears to adapt and summer in, say, what's left of Minneapolis.

Except at the rate things are going, the now overcrowded cities will not be run by the lazy leftists who are passively manipulating us into an economic doomsday. They'll be run by mullah-psychopaths, and the lefties' bloody heads, with their eyes still wide with surprise, will all be arrayed on pikes at the city gates of San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York.

People tend to laugh at this sort of stuff when I bring it up. But it's there staring at all of us if we'd only take a look at where the clueless Pied Pipers of the Left and their minions in the MSM are leading us.

Maybe some of us should consider making plans to head for Galt's Gulch to wait out this episode.

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