Monday, November 03, 2008

Obama Re-Education Camps, or Waffen SS?

Barack Obama was a founding member of the board of Public Allies in 1992, resigning before his wife became executive director of the Chicago chapter of Public Allies in 1993. Obama plans to use the nonprofit group, which he features on his campaign Web site, as the model for a national service corps. He calls his Orwellian program, "Universal Voluntary Public Service."...Big Brother had nothing on the Obamas. They plan to herd American youth into government-funded reeducation camps where they'll be brainwashed into thinking America is a racist, oppressive place in need of "social change."...Michelle's Boot Camp for Radicals, The Editors, Investor's Business Daily, 9/4/2008

The Left's methods never change. Every step is a means to total domination. First, they lie about themselves. Then, they go after your children. The closer we get to an Obama Presidency, the more it looks like Americans, after two and a third centuries of getting away with being ignorant, are about to get sucker punched into voting for an agenda designed to do away with the country they love.


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