Monday, November 03, 2008

One Observation on Election Eve

We are perhaps too verbose at times in outlining our positions on the known universe. Although in our defense, so little truth is being throw at the public these days on virtually all topics--including politics, jurisprudence, culture, arts, and education--that we feel a need to explain our positions in detail.

However, there are some with a real gift for the succinct. Try out this pull quote from a piece today by New Criterion's Roger Kimball who describes in a short graf just what's gotten us to this miserable point in our history where preening faux intellectuallism has been almost entirely substituted for reason and common sense in the electorate:
I understand that larger and larger swaths of America are turning purple if not blue as affluence coupled with tertiary education and cultural relativism transform more and more people into latte-drinking, NPR-listening, global-warming hysterics who regard Karl Rove as an evil genius and Sarah Palin as an anencephaltic breeding machine on skis.
Kimball's piece describes why he thinks McCain can still actually pull this election out. I myself, the eternal optimist, have my doubts, what with the Democrats' advantages of thousands of illegal votes via ACORN; quadrillions of extra campaign funds courtesy of flouted campaign promises and lousy electoral oversight; and the sight of a shameless media completely in the tank for Obama, completely shredding for all time any pretense at journalistic objectivity.

But I can't help but think that all of the above might not be shielding the mother of all surprises, given that a surprising proportion of working class voters may actually be on to Obama's creeping socialism. This could be skewing the polls which already build in extra skewing in favor of the Democrats. While I'm not entirely sure of a McCain surprise, I'm sufficiently disgusted with the reporting and the polling to believe that it just might be possible. So is Kimball.

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