Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Behind Every "Great" Man...

Cable television introduced us to The Real Housewives of Orange County — an estrogen-infused reality show featuring a coven of conniving and ambitious women living pampered lives in Southern California. Blago-gate has brought us something even juicier: The Real Housewives of Crook County, Illinois. The public may be wearying of indicted Democratic governor Rod Blagojevich and the Chicago boys’ club, but the conniving and ambitious women behind the scenes of the corruption scandal are a must-see political drama all their own....The Real Housewives of Crook County, Michelle Malkin, National Review, 12/17/08

One of the beautiful touches of The Sopranos is that the tortured, saintly Godfather's wife was replaced by a thug almost as villainous, and just as ready to kill, as her husband. We owe a lot to Patrick Fitzgerald, especially women who've been traditionally under-represented in the news.


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