Wednesday, December 17, 2008

California Still Dreamin': Arnie and Dems Taxes

Democrats in the state Assembly on Tuesday countered the plan by Republican lawmakers for deep cuts to help bridge California's gaping budget hole, putting up for a floor vote a new $19 billion plan through mid-2010 that would adopt Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's tax ideas....Dems' New Budget Plan Fails To Get 2/3 Majority, San Francisco Chronicle, 12/17/2008

Republicans refused to vote for a tax plan like this, despite "Republican" Governor Schwarzenegger's refusal to support their alternate plan.

An obvious source of funding, the Governor encouraging a follow-through on the US Congress's decision to allow offshore drilling, has been refused, of course. Arnie must still think it's 1969 when a platform off Santa Barbara blew out and made a mess of beaches. However, it's soon to be forty years later. There hasn't been a major oil drilling platform accident anywhere in the world in over decade, and nowhere in the United States since 1969. There's an estimated trillion dollars of revenue sharing money available for California in expected reserves off the Governator's shores. But, Californians can't get their hands dirty. Perhaps Arnie can propose a plan that puts windmills on every car's roof.

I have a better idea. Let's have every Congressional representative from California, especially including Speaker Pelosi, offer to push Californians to work. Think of the taxes they'll lose if people are stranded on the freeway! And think of the arguments they'll have about who gets first service!


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