Monday, February 23, 2009

More Obamanations

From "Riehl World View":
It's impossible to watch Obama maneuver since taking the WH without characterizing his behavior as divisive and dishonest. Unfortunately, taking it all in, it's clear that one of two things must be true. The Obama administration along with key Democrat players in Congress are either incompetent, or willing to risk a genuine Depression for political gain.
Well said. The stock market--in which we all have a miserable part via our incredible shrinking 401(k)s--is doing the niftiest disappearing act since the 1930s. A far faster swan dive than it took during the much trashed Bush administration's waning days. They derided the Bushies for their approach to the current economic disaster. But so far, the Obamanation has done even worse. Don't get us wrong. Things are so desperate now that we really hope Obama succeeds. But he won't succeed if he keeps pushing Nancy Pelosi's socialist revenge while the country collapses beneath us all.

It's increasingly apparent that the Democrats' "new ideas" include plunging the country more deeply into now what is indeed a second Great Depression. By destroying jobs and livelihoods, it'll make it easier for a demoralized population to accept New Deal II: complete socialism for the US. Note how even already, the Obama administration is pushing tax increases and socialized medicine even as the system that would support both collapses around them. Wrong focus dudes. But why should I preach when no one is listening?

I told people all last year that the Democrats, as a party, were fundamentally unserious, and now we're seeing the results. They've elected a figurehead as president, with the help of a cheerleading media, and now they've got what they want. Nancy Pelosi and the far left govern the country. Pretty soon we won't even recognize the scorched landscape this crowd leaves in their wake.

Don't miss the next chilling episode. I could say "I told you so," but for the first time in my life, I've begun to experience schadenfreude without the joy part.

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