Friday, February 27, 2009

Stimulating Lies

The new Wreak-America Bill will throw billions of dollars more into global warming research, a field in which data cooking has become an open scandal. Once again, the data is being adjusted to confirm the establishment theory: humans are responsible for global warming. In actual fact, satellite observations show that the Earth is now cooling, and has been cooling for about 10 years. This confirms the anti-establishment theory that the Earth warmed prior to the late 1990s due to the then-increasing number of sunspots, and is now cooling due to the now decreasing number of sunspots. The Wreak-America bill contains funds to “adjust” those pesky satellite observations, so that the data will confirm what powerful politicians wish to be true., Stimulating Scientists into 'Proving' Global Warming, Frank J. Tipler, Professor of Mathematical Physics, Tulane University, Pajamas Media, 3/27/09

As with the "Fairness Doctrine" and freedom of speech, this kind of political skewing of scientific research, familiar to any student of Josef Stalin (see Arthur Koestler's Midwife Toad), has nothing to do with science. It has everything to do with taking your money and using it to subsidize the dominant political party's lies. Tipler puts it very well.

The great classical liberal economist Milton Friedman pointed out that, “Einstein didn’t construct his theory on order from a bureaucrat.” If this Wreak-America Bill becomes law, the only theories created will be those created on order from a bureaucrat. And the theories will be wrong. Scientific truth cannot be established by government degree...(Stimulating Scientists....,Tipler, cont'd)

Now, you know what the change was about.


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Anonymous said...

Yup, and next it'll be that great repository of objectivity in California, the San Francisco Chronicle, now on its last ropes, according to the Hearst Organization.

Semper tyrannis