Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Only Businessperson to Decide Going Galt is Better? Don't Count On It

As a small businessperson, I -- unlike the current administration -- recognize that hope is not a business plan. I must look to the future and determine what is best for my company. I must make decisions now that reflect what my business will look like in six months and beyond. Based on proposed legislation and the current climate in Washington, and our inability to get the attention of our representatives, it is apparent that my future business opportunities lie elsewhere. The crystal ball is clouded only in more taxes, the potential of forced heath care payments for employees, excessive costs and lost business through the proposed cap and trade and a general disgust for the small businesses that provide 70% of the nation's GDP...I've been screaming, but nobody's listening. My last employee has been laid off. If the proposed cap and trade legislation is passed, it will be the death knell for me. As the great lady named Capitalism passes, so too shall my endeavor. We shall pass together, both wondering how a great nation allowed this to occur on our watch....Decline and Fall, D.L. Hammack, American Thinker, 7/15/2009

To those in Washington who think that they've got a perfect solution to keep people in business from crossing borders, they should look to Mexico, the Philippines, Singapore, Eastern Europe, Brazil. They're ready and waiting. China already does most of the world's consumer products work. If the golden egg and the hen that hatches it move away, the dollar will be worth so little than a trillion of them won't buy a bottle of aspirin. Perhaps Obama should consider offering a trillion printed dollars to every American. Just make sure mine is in cash.


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