Saturday, November 06, 2010

Olbermann Bites (the dust)

We rarely mention MSNBC's poster boy of the left, the sneering, condescending, hatemongering Keith Olbermann. We've never wanted to encourage him with our criticism. Well, surprise--looks like Keith has been "suspended"--perhaps permanently--from his MSNBC hatefest for violating the network's regulations (they had 'em) prohibiting "newscasters" making donations to political candidates. Keith apparently violated his "neutrality" by doing so in the recent election cycle, so now he's been "suspended."

Hugh Hewitt, with whose observations we generally concur, surprised us a bit by speaking out in Olbermann's favor:
NBC is making itself look more ridiculous than NPR or any MSNBC host ever has with its suspension of Keith Olbermann

With all the credibility that a two-time "worst person-in-the-world" winner can muster, let me join the chorus of Kos Kids in demanding the return of Keith.  The idea of the "ethics" of the network being imperiled by a campaign contribution is absurd. 

Transparency by lefties is much to be preferred than sanctimonious posing by lefties. Olbermann is nothing if not transparent.  The whining of washed-up "journalists" and professors of journalism about "journalistic standards" are the most hilarious of the reactions...
Read the rest via the link in my text above.

I appreciate Hugh's fairly libertarian attitude on this, but I'm wondering if Hugh and others have been had, missing, perhaps, another reason for the suspension and possible firing. Viz., the idiotarian Olbermann's cable ratings have been so abysmal that I suspect MSNBC, if they have any business sense at all, has been looking for a pretext to salvage his coveted primetime timeslot from the tank.

Whatever the case, Power Line's Scott Johnson sums up this latest MSNBC kerfuffle most elegantly:
What is to be said? The Olbermann case features a joke pundit working for a joke network. It is impossible to take seriously.

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