Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Undeclared War in Arizona

I've long feared the problems we've been experiencing on our long border with Mexico even as the press and the administration pretty much ignore them, aside from hassling American citizens for their lack of "tolerance." Now I get the following news in an aside from a guest post to Decision Point, an excellent financial service. Advisor/newsletter writer (and California resident) Gene Inger observes: obnoxious warning signs the BLM [Bureau of Land Management] has posted in Arizona warning U.S. citizens about traveling on AZ/CA Interstate 8, because of the surge in criminal and alien activity. Has anyone considered warning the criminals or the illegal aliens of what can happen, instead of coddling the transgressors and thus warning normal families that they are at risk if they drive from Phoenix to Disneyland with their kids this holiday weekend? Instead of the National Guard, Washington has sent signs to warn Americans about interfering with smugglers and cartels; versus a warning to all drug and human traffickers about what we’ll do to them in our territory. Talk about getting things backwards; shame on Washington for this type response in the wake of multiple state governors asking DC for help in enforcing existing laws. One might be a bit tempted to call this a tempest in a teapot that vanishes after Elections; except it is actually occurring, and there is a big difference between compassion for the truly poor illegal migrant versus the terrorist or criminal trafficker violating our borders. The inability of government to differentiate between these with regard to policy is odd....
Odd indeed. Italics mine.

Mexican drug traffickers and people smugglers have brought Mexico to the point of anarchy with their murderous, essentially unanswered terrorist activities. It's been spilling over our borders for a long time, even as Democrats have essentially encouraged the human smuggling activity as a way of attracting new voters, used to a lifetime of socialism, who will keep Democrats in the majority presumably forever. This greedy, disgusting, and illegal political myopia ignores what's going to happen not if, but when, Mexico's drug anarchy establishes itself in a more permanent and far more deadly fashion--something that's clearly already begun and is picking up velocity by the day.

Arizonans aren't hicks. They're scared,  disgusted, and angry at what's happening and are trying to take action to defend themselves since the Federal government will not. Rather than suing Arizona for attempting to do what our worthless and spineless PC government will not, viz., protect our borders from foreign predation, this administration needs to begin deploying the military in a substantial way in affected areas with strict orders to shoot to kill, no questions asked. If we don't start sending that message soon, Southwestern U.S. cities will be thoroughly infiltrated by Mexican drug cartels and eventually turn into besieged cities that start looking a lot like Beirut when we belatedly try to take our territory back.

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