Thursday, September 23, 2010

David Axelrod: Hippie Puncher

Hippie puncher? New one on me. Like XOMG! President Obama's odious PR flak, David Axelrod, apparently tried to enlist the aid of the left-wing blogosphere to counter the increasingly effective smaller-government message of the Tea Partiers. This, of course, after odious faux presidential press secretary Robert Gibbs recently trashed them, much to their obvious consternation.

The response to Axelrod's plea? Right back at ya, dude:
Top Obama adviser David Axelrod got an earful of the liberal blogosphere's anger at the White House moments ago, when a blogger on a conference call directly called out Axelrod over White House criticism of the left, accusing the administration of "hippie punching."

"We're the girl you'll take under the bleachers but you won't be seen with in the light of day," the blogger, Susan Madrak of Crooks and Liars, pointedly told Axelrod on the call, which was organzied for liberal bloggers and progressive media.
Fishing about for a real definition of "hippie punching," I found a fairly complex but good one here, loaded with useful context.

I wonder...does this usage derive from the earlier term "bitch slapping?"


Lonely Conservative said...

Thanks for the link. Who ever knew hippie punching was a sport?

Wonker, aka TerryP said...

Beats me, Lonely. I thought I'd finished my pop culture education when I learned that dwarf-tossing was considered a legitimate sport in Australia. Guess it ain't over 'til it's over. Have a good weekend!

Lonely Conservative said...

Hippie punching sounds like more fun! :)

Wonker, aka TerryP said...

...and probably is. Although it could cause you problems in Vermont.