Sunday, September 19, 2010

Obama's Increasing Irrelevance to Anything

Opining on advice to the tone-deaf Obama administration to go-postal-Alinsky on Sarah Palin, the better to distract the electorate from the coming Republican tsunami, Doc Zero of "Hot Air" fires off a stunning spot-on barrage of telling rhetorical questions:
Let me put this bluntly: virtually no one in America gives a damn what Barack Obama says about anything at this point.  What could be more predictable, and less interesting, than Obama’s opinion on any given subject?  Who wants to contemplate the economic wisdom of a guy who looted the Treasury for a trillion dollars, with less benefit than we could have achieved by stuffing hundred dollar bills into random cereal boxes?  Who’s excited to hear about the next plan to convert taxpayer dollars into Democrat campaign funds?  Who’s hungry for another hour of tedious excuses about permanently broken markets and the titanic dead hand of George W. Bush?  Who wants a lecture on ethical business practices from the titular head of the party that gave us Charlie Rangel and Maxine Waters?  What use is another hollow foreign-policy speech from a man who sees no global adversary to rival the menace of Arizona?  Even Obama’s supporters don’t hear anything he says any more.
Italics mine.

Any questions?

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