Thursday, September 02, 2010

WaPo and Eco-terror: Where's the Reference to Al Gore?

Following up on last nite's post, re: the brief life and unhappy death of the Discovery Channel left wing eco-terrorist influenced, at least in part, by the Goracle's "global warming" hoax. Yesterday I'd wondered whether the AP reference to the influence of Gore that I discovered at would ever make it to the morning papers.

Now I have my answer: Nope.

At least not in the Washington Post. They have a detailed A-section front page story on yesterday afternoon's hostage standoff in Bethesda, Maryland (a suburb just north of Washington, DC). They mention James Lee's attraction to the eco-novels of Daniel Quinn, and even run a short feature-interview of Quinn, penned by their so-called "religion reporter" Michelle Boorstein. But apparently like most Posties, one of Boorstein's religious credos is "global warming." She never alludes to the Gore reference at all, nor does the paper's front page news story detailing yesterday's incident. I'm shocked. Shocked!

That's the way they maintain The Narrative, folks. In the Catholic Church, we'd call that a "sin of omission."

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