Monday, September 06, 2010

Obama: My Life as a Dog

No kidding. Barack Obama looked up from the teleprompter today and delivered this impromptu idea to an undoubtedly pre-selected and adoring Milwaukee crowd:
Obama offered an aside that spoke to his diminished state and captured the mood of a president and party under assault.

“They talk about me like a dog,” Obama said with a chuckle of his political opponents. “That’s not in my prepared remarks but it’s true.”
Ya think? Looks to moi like a majority of voters this fall are getting the feeling that Obama, Pelosi, Reid, and the Democrats have treated them like dogs.

(Hat tip to Wizbang for the reference.)


Left Coast Rebel said...

Did you ever see "Vacation" with Chevy Chase?

Watch the clip, it's quite funny and relates to the Obama/dog comment:

Wonker, aka TerryP said...

Great clip. I'd almost forgotten about this film. Wonder how they got away with that scene to begin with?! "My Life as a Dog," anyone?