Monday, September 06, 2010

Buckeye State Blog: Anatomy of a Lie

Left wing partisan Democrat site Buckeye State Blog--obviously situated in a major battleground state--shows you how the tactic of lie and innuendo functions. Here's a September 3 bulletin excoriating the alleged cruelty and mean-spiritedness of Ohio 13th District Republican House candidate Tom Ganley:
This one from the e-bag, a seniors group will be protesting in front of Tom Ganley's Toyota/Mercedes dealership on E. Market St. in Akron tomorrow at 11 AM. They are protesting Ganley's campaign promise to "cut the Dickens" out of Medicare, Social Security, and Veterans' benefits if elected.
Well, hold on there, Baba Looey. Here's a clip from that reports this just a trifle different. Regarding the protestors:
John Rogers, V.P. of an Akron Communication Workers of America (CWA) retirees chapter, says they aren't sure what Ganley stands for.

"He wants to cut, he wants to slash everything but he never said which entitlements and we're assuming of course as retirees, medicare, social security," explains Rogers, who adds seniors can't afford those cuts.
Hmm. Seems like it's a retired union flack who is "assuming" that Ganley wants to cut Medicare and Social Security. Nothing about Ganley SAYING this. Maybe Nick D is too lazy to fact-check his emails. Particularly when such lies agree with his left-wing narrative and therefore must be true.

But wait, there's more. From AkronNewsNow:
When asked if anyone from the group contacted the Ganley headquarters to explain what Ganley meant, Rogers said "yes." It was another member of the CWA, who is also with the Congresswoman Betty Sutton campaign.  
Betty Sutton is the incumbent Democrat Rep Ganley's opposing, wouldn't ya know.

Here's a reply from Ganley's office:
Meghan Snyder, Communications Director for Tom Ganley for Congress, says the entitlement system needs reform. 
"Tom Ganley's stance is to continue protecting the benefits of social security. There's deficits that we'll be running in the year 2015, those are the things that need to be fixed," Snyder explains.  
For those uninitiated in the ways of Washington, Medicare, BTW, was legislated into existence by Lyndon Johnson and his New Deal cronies in the 1960s under the auspices of the original Social Security Act which they claimed enabled such legislation to "finish the job" as it were. Ergo, if Ganley is on record for protecting Social Security, then he is, de facto, in favor of saving Medicare as well.

In point of fact, one way ObamaCare intends to pay for itself is by CUTTING or LIMITING Medicare options, particularly in the area of end-of-life care for older Americans. The very ones who are "protesting" in front of Ganley's business. I wonder why Betty and the CWA Union stewards never told Rogers and his pals about this?

The AkronNewsNow report explains it all in its final sentence:
Thursday's protest was authorized by the Betty Sutton for Congress campaign.
Game, set, and match, Nick D. Why don't you ask Betty why she voted to cut John Rogers' Medicare benefits? Better yet, why don't you ask John if he even knows about this? Even better, why don't you start learning about the truth over at Right Ohio? Join 2010's winning team.

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