Friday, January 28, 2011

Paul Mirengoff Departs Power Line

One of Power Line's three founding amigos, Paul Mirengoff, briefly and without explanation has ceased to blog at this widely respected and largely conservative news & views site. His brief farewell is here.

Why bring this up when the Middle East (and my stock portfolio) appear to be falling apart? Simple. Without being snarky, I'm glad that Mirengoff is gone. His snide, condescending, and nearly continuous picking at Sarah Palin were typical of the so-called Washington cognoscenti (he lives in Bethesda, a near suburb of Washington DC). Who needs more of this, particularly in what generally is friendly territory?

In recent months, Mirengoff seemed more interested in keeping Palin from serious presidential contention than in skewering the current administration. In turn, Obamanation, almost with impunity, continues to gravely endanger us all with its manifest incompetence, Marxist ideology, and firm grasp of nothing, ranging from the economy to international relations. Mirengoff's attitude has simply played into the lefty ground game of discrediting, without merit or cessation, each and every attractive and viable Republican candidate that might arguably confront and defeat President Obama in the crucial 2012 elections.

Palin, in point of fact, may already have been too gravely wounded by the 24/7 lefty media attack machine to mount a credible campaign in 2012. There are simply too many Americans these days who've permanently and unshakably bought into the smears and slanders not to cause a Palin Presidential campaign grave if not terminal trouble, with the potential, tragic result of a second Obama administration. In any event, even at this point as an unannounced candidate, she doesn't need the kind of Ivy League, country club style conservative sniping that Mirengoff was wont to pile on.

Whether you support Palin, Romney, Ryan, or any of a host of other perfectly viable Republican hopefuls at this point is immaterial to me as a libertarian-conservative. But please, whatever your enthusiasms, don't add your voice, for whatever reason, to those who routinely use media-hyped lies, smears, and slanders as a way of driving out the good and leaving the worst possible candidate to run against state socialism in 2012. Just listen--carefully--to what each candidate says, make up your own mind. Above all, don't help the left out any more than writers like Mirengoff have already.

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