Saturday, January 29, 2011


The Obama crew tried to add some pizazz to the President's State of the Union address earlier this week by coming up with what they'd hoped would be an inspiring new slogan, "Winning the Future." The acronym for this faux-brilliant ideal is WTF, of course, and you web fanatics know what that stands for. It's kind of funny that, even in Washington's alphabet-mad environment, Obama's back-bench of policymakers and speechwriters didn't head this colossal goof off at the pass.

When you leave yourself as wide open as they did, you can always expect your opponent to drive a truck through the opening. And Sarah Palin, bless her little much-maligned heart, was the first to pounce. Her reaction demonstrated not only her communications savvy. It also turned the Democrats' constant ridicule of herself, her intelligence, and her family right back on them, making the administration and the media look like a bunch of fools. (Story, video, and lotsa comments on Hot Air right here.)

It's interesting to think back to another political alpha-slogan that was strangled in its crib. That was back in 1974 during the Presidency of Gerald Ford. Beset by a rampant inflation, Ford was under pressure to do something, anything. So his administration conceived of a lame, ill-defined program to "Whip Inflation Now." It was nothing more than a slogan really, but hey, you got a swell "WIN" button if you joined the party.

Alas, the party was short-lived. Media, politicians, academics, everyone trashed this silliness, the President's own party included. WIN died a quick, nearly painless death. (Bet one of those buttons would fetch a few $$ today.)

Obama's ill-conceived and insincere promise to seriously cut the Federal budget--all the while promising even more programs--was nuts to start out with as his earlier economic efforts have been. Palin's wit and timing quickly put an end to it by obliterating its slogan.

While I still think the media has bloodied Palin too badly for her to run a credible campaign in 2012, you have to give this energetic woman a lot of credit here. Her political instincts are swift and sure. She spotted the opportunity and wasted no time going for the political jugular. It's clear her old school teammates didn't call her Sarah Barracuda for nothing, no matter how the media loves to sneer and smear.

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