Friday, July 13, 2007

Left Loves Imposing Morality: When It's THEIRS...

An interesting tidbit today in National Review Online, wherein the hard left ("liberal") agenda is fully exposed. Jonah Goldberg comments on Matt Iglesias' intellectual meanderings:
What's refreshing about this is that Yglesias is honestly and correctly admitting that liberals have no problem imposing their morality on others via a powerful and intrusive state. I wish that most liberals were as honest. If liberals want to complain about conservative social engineering, that's entirely legitimate (when true, of course). But please don't tell me that your objection is to social engineering per se. Liberals and progressives before them wrote the book on social engineering and even the most comstockish Republicans are pale imitators.
This goes a long way toward explaining, for example, why leftie Dem pols (and the ever-weird Trent Lott) would love to get Rush Limbaugh, et. al., off the radio airwaves. It's not that Rush exposes their seemingly genetic stupidity on the air five afternoons a week. It's that the very EXISTENCE of Rush, Sean Hannity, Mark Levin, etc., along with the conservative blogosphere, serves as an irritating reminder that their plan to turn ALL information outlets into propaganda mills for socialism remains annoyingly incomplete as long as other voices get to sing.

With the left, it is all about absolute control, 24/7. The cannot easily hide their Stalinist ambitions. Like Stalin and the Islamofascists for that matter, they actually hate Democracy and work 24/7 to undo it when they're afraid it's working against them.

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