Tuesday, March 11, 2008

"Governor" Spitzer: Why They're Cheering on the Floor of the Exchange

The revelation that Spitzer enjoyed the services of a high-end Washington call-girl ring may bring with it federal charges - and likely means the end of an exceptionally maladroit administration...It's been forgotten now, but the former "Sheriff of Wall Street" rose to power by his own rules. After all, he began his career by using his father's money to systematically cheat the spirit - if not the letter - of the state campaign-finance laws to win office as attorney general. He then spent years engaging in elaborate denials about those shenanigans, with vague apologies mixed in as necessary when caught in his lies...As attorney general, he started out by taking on genuine malfeasance on Wall Street - but ended up prosecuting petty cases in order to bully companies into installing his cronies in key corporate positions...His first year as governor was one magnificent botch....Gov. Longshot? David Patterson's Unusual Rise, Fred Siegel, The New York Post3/11/2008

There is nothing quite so satisfying as the sight of a sanctimonious hypocrite confessing his sins in public. As a result, New York may soon go from suffering Eliot Spitzer's blind ambition to the competent ministrations of an African-American.

(Patterson was) a longtime minority member of the state Senate before becoming lieutenant governor; he'd bring to the governor's office the legislative perspective and understanding of how the capital works that Gov. Steamroller has so notably lacked...He even gets along well with Senate Majority Leader Joe Bruno; he just might be able to bring a welcome spirit of openness to Albany....(Gov. Longshot, cont'd...)

The old saw never sounded as true: Justice is blind. And New Yorkers are more likely to get a healthy vision from a governor who can't see than from a lying hypocrite who can't tell the difference between a love affair and a honey trap.


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