Friday, March 14, 2008

What a Difference a Masthead Makes

As New York's de facto governor, David Paterson, readies himself to take the reins of a vast state government, he and his aides are scrambling to assemble a policy agenda out of the ruins of the Spitzer administration....Paterson Sets Albany Shakeup, Jacob Gershman, The New York Sun, 3/13/08

The above was the lead front page article in The New York Sun the day private citizen Spitzer took a dive off his divorce lawyer's desk. The Sun was the only New York paper to run an article about what was coming next. The Times led with hooker hunting, private citizen Spitzer's resignation set as if it had been the landing at Normandy. Predictably, The New York Post ran soft core photos of "Kirsten", with a lot more on Friday. The Sun hardly agrees with Governor-by-default Paterson on one issue but his picture filled a quarter of the paper's front page. Why?

Governor Paterson is the story. The Love Gov is history.


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