Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Spitzer: What Some New Yorkers Are Saying

Please explain to me how getting a divorce is similar to cheating on your wife with a prostitute while holding a public office that fashioned itself around ethical and straight-shooting morals....J. Williams, Editorial Reply, J. Williams, Rochester Democrat & Chronicle, 3/11/2008

Some will need that explanation, especially over at Senator Clinton's office.

Traveling a day early to Washington using taxpayer dollars is a great idea if it were to attend meetings to lobby for more funding for NYS. Staying at one of the most expensive hotels in Washington shows a lack of respect for taxpayers but I'm sure it isn't worth the additional waste of tax dollars to create a task force to investigate or to have the State Troopers follow his every move. A good scolding would work. But to travel a day early on our dime and to stay at one of the poshest, most expensive hotels in what is already an expensive city in order to engage in an illegal activity is not only criminal it is immoral and reprehensible. And again, on our dime. To show how big his ego has gotten and how "untouchable" he felt he had become he did all of this in spite of taxpayers but then he chooses the night before Valentine's Day as a poke in the eye to his wife. Personal? Private? Baloney !...(Editorial Reply, 'SnowBoy', Rochester Democrat & Chronicle, 3/11/2008)

Eliot "Snow White" Spitzer doesn't have a friend in SnowBoy, that's for sure!

In my opinion, whether Spitzer is a Republican or a Democrat is beside the point. He broke the law, and should step down. The whole thing is sad and disturbing, for his family but also the people of New York, especially since he demanded such high standards from all of us. This is not merely cheating on his wife while in office or having a gay love affair. Neither of those is illegal....(Editorial Reply, 'Elignore," Rochester Democrat & Chronicle, 3/11/2008)

In a long lost innocent age, say, 1983, this was considered the standard American view. Oh, Dutch, where are you when we need you the most?


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