Saturday, July 03, 2010

Still Diverted by Diverticulitis

Boy, I keep promising to post, but I've had a bout with diverticulitis like you wouldn't believe. I've been a sour enough mood already, given the latest stock market swoon and Obama's pathological lack of concern with BP's runaway Gulf oilwell--which would be getting a LOT more attention from the MSM if his name were Bush.

So then I come down with an attack of the big D. Even though I'm pretty adept at Latin, I have a hard time spitting that word out. Suffice it to say that it's a not-uncommon intestinal issue that can put you in the morgue if you don't pay attention to it.

Fortunately I did, but I've been wobbly (not in the Margaret Thatcher sense) for the better part of two weeks.

As I attempt to start blogging again, the only thing I can see that's worse than my health is the health of this economy. The perfect storm has finally arrived. The country is now being run by a cadre of academic Marxists who have no clue as to how to jump-start a near comotose economy. They've never held a real job and regard the whole thing as an academic exercise, or at least it would seem.

All we can hope is that the American voters--most of whom now realize they were nearly completely bamboozled by the media in 2008--start rectifying the horrendous error they made that year when they go to the polls again this November.

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