Sunday, July 04, 2010

Is the Goracle Fallible??

Seems like it was only a couple of weeks ago we learned that the Al-Tipper Gore "Love Story" made in heaven was reaching terminal status. Nary a word as to why.

Over the last 10 days or so, however, a story has surfaced via the ever-notorious Enquirer but also virally on the right-wing web, viz., that a hapless Portland, Oregon massage therapist (a real one, not the call-girl variant) was dispatched to the hotel room of Al Gore. The ex-Veep, Nobel Prize winner, global warming genius, and propagandist film maker apparently did more than just repeatedly proposition the therapist who allegedly freaked out and managed to exit the uncomfortable situation.

After a few years, the story has finally surfaced. Allegedly (once again), according to the alleged victim, she failed to press charges due to pressure from her liberal friends not to derail the Exalted Mission of the Greatest of All Global Warming Prophets. There's real feminist solidarity for you.

"DC Trawler" comments:
If this woman really has a sample of Al Gore’s DNA, can’t we use it to make some clones? What’s going to happen on the day when, Gaia forbid, Al’s not flying around the planet anymore telling people not to fly around the planet? The fate of the Earth is too important. We should make an entire army of Al Gores. The Green Lamenter Corps!
Writes a bathetic Melinda Henningberger:
The Gores weren't just a solid couple for Washington; they were solid, period. And if they couldn't stay together after 40 years, four kids, almost losing their son to a terrible accident, her depression, his schedule, their winning and losing and worse -- and then coming back together from what must have been hell after the recount -- well, what, if anything, does that mean for the rest of us?

Gee, I don't know, Melinda, Mrs. W and I have only been married 39 years. Guess we've still got to learn.

Melinda's not quite done, however, as she blathers into a faux conclusion: a silly rhetorical question based on a ridiculous fictional premise:
Sad as it is, it takes bravery to make a decision this hard at this point, when most people would just do whatever it took to make the broken bearable. Would Oliver and Jenny Barrett have ended up divorcing after 40 years, too, had the heroine of Erich Segal's Love Story lived that long?

So much for the myth of the liberal intellect.

Re: Gore once again. I'd engage in a good bit of snarky schadenfreude here (actually, I already sort of did) if I could do it in good conscience. To me, there's hardly a less-appealing individual in the universe than the waddling, pompous, condescending dope that used to be our Vice-president, and I'd dearly love to see this clown taken down a peg or two. But, sadly, I'm not seeing concrete proof of his transgressions here, and the case gets even more tenuous as the Democrats' shadow hit squad starts pushing out info on the alleged victim with the intention to discredit her charges and smear her character.

No, my real irritation here is at the MSM. Just as they sat on the John Edwards sex scandal during the 2008 presidential primaries and for pretty much an entire YEAR thereafter, they surely knew about the Gore stuff for years but never put it out there. Probably for the same reason the alleged victim declined to press charges. No point in besmirching the Saint of Global Warming. You might damage the "movement"--the one we all know now was a hoax from the get-go.

Happily, even if our socalled journos are largely missing in action in this story, we can leave it to non-Americans to find the humor in all this. As in this clever if rather vulgar Japanese video-cartoon also posted by DC Trawler. There's not a word of English in it, but it doesn't need operatic surtitles. You'll get the drift:

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