Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Journolist List

Been away from blogging for a bit, but have been edified and amused by the Chinese Water Torture leak of the Journolist-gate scam--you know, the secret listserv area where a select cadre of Marxist and faux-Marxist reporters conspired to collectively elect Barack Obama by smearing his opponents while covering up their favored candidate's glaring inadequacies. Particularly his relationship with the odiously racist "Rev." Wright?

Breitbart and Tucker Carlson have been doing fantastic work on reporting this ongoing scandal, openly deploying the kind of effective, Alinsky-style tactics consistently used by Party hacks disguised as respectable journalists--except that Breitbart et. al. are actually publishing the truth and exposing the villainy that helped throw the last election. All this and more following on the heels of ClimateGate and the apparently multiplying alleged Algore sex scandals. (Must tamp down the overwhelming urge to to indulge in schadenfreude.)

I noticed today that the entire Journolist list--the journalist Hall of Shame in my book--has been posted on Mark Levin's Facebook page and elsewhere. Levin, Carlson, Breitbart and others (like Dan Riehl) get the credit for this ongoing good work. But as a public service, to help out in case you haven't caught the references, I'm replicating Levin's Journolist roster (credited in turn to the Freepers) here.

A passage from the New Testament comes to mind here as I ponder the unprincipled work of these Journolist swine:

15 ¶ Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.
16 Ye shall know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes or thorns, or figs of thistles?

Like one of my old Merchant Marine sailing buddies said to me many years ago, "Truer words was never spoke." Anyhow, here's the list, prefaced by a brief introductory explanation:
A Free Republic poster has compiled the list of known members to date of the left-wing now-defunct JournoList listserv. Spread the word.

1. Ezra Klein
2. Dave Weigel
3. Matthew Yglesias
4. David Dayen
5. Spencer Ackerman
6. Jeffrey Toobin
7. Eric Alterman
8. Paul Krugman
9. John Judis
10. Eve Fairbanks
11. Mike Allen
12. Ben Smith
13. Lisa Lerer
14. Joe Klein
15. Brad DeLong
16. Chris Hayes
17. Matt Duss
18. Jonathan Chait
19. Jesse Singal
20. Michael Cohen
21. Isaac Chotiner
22. Katha Pollitt
23. Alyssa Rosenberg
24. Rick Perlstein
25. Alex Rossmiller
26. Ed Kilgore
27. Walter Shapiro
28. Noam Scheiber
29. Michael Tomasky
30. Rich Yesels
31. Tim Fernholz
32. Dana Goldstein
33. Jonathan Cohn
34. Scott Winship
35. David Roberts
36. Luke Mitchell
37. John Blevins
38. Moira Whelan
39. Henry Farrell
40. Josh Bearman
41. Alec McGillis
42. Greg Anrig
43. Adele Stan
44. Steven Teles
45. Harold Pollack
46. Adam Serwer
47. Ryan Donmoyer
48. Seth Michaels
49. Kate Steadman
50. Matt Duss
51. Laura Rozen
52. Jesse Taylor
53. Michael Hirsh
54. Daniel Davies
55. Jonathan Zasloff
56. Richard Kim
57. Thomas Schaller
58. Jared Bernstein
59. Holly Yeager
60. Joe Conason
61. David Greenberg
62. Todd Gitlin
63. Mark Schmitt
64. Kevin Drum
65. Sarah Spitz

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