Thursday, May 07, 2009

NAFTA and Columbia Free Trade: Change of Heart?

In recent weeks, the Obama administration has quietly done an about-face on free trade with Latin America. On April 20, U.S. trade czar Ron Kirk told reporters that President Obama did not think it would be necessary to renegotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). This marked a reversal from Obama's campaign pledge to "make sure that we renegotiate" NAFTA. Speaking at the Georgetown University Law Center three days later, Kirk said "there is strong bipartisan support for the pending free trade agreement (FTA) with Panama," which he is working to complete. Kirk indicated that he is also reviewing the pending free trade agreement with Colombia, in hope of finding "a way forward." Obama had opposed both of these trade deals during the campaign…A Welcome Shift, James Darenblum, Weekly Standard, 4/7/2009

The greatest hope an electorate has about a new Chief Executive is that the man or woman will grow into the office. No one is ever ready for it. But some do grow. Is this happening regarding a promised free trade agreement with our ally-in-arms Columbia? Is NAFTA beginning to be regarded as it actually is, as a major contributor to growing jobs and wealth on both sides of the borders involved? Wow.

Better read this Darenblum article on Weekly Standard. Seeing is believing.


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