Wednesday, May 06, 2009

National Health Care: Required Reading

It would be naïve to think that we are not going to see Obama and his Democratic majorities impose a form of National Health Care (NHC) as early in this term as he can. We will most likely see this just prior to the 2010 Congressional elections in an effort to keep his majorities by "buying" the votes of non-tax-paying citizens but before the system collapses under the price tag of whichever format he chooses…The Coming of Zerocare, John Donaldson, American Thinker, 5/6/2009

John Donaldson, MD, and past chair, Board of Directors, Lee Memorial Health System, has put up a remarkable document, which you should read. It’s a very good historical background on Medicare and Medicaid, the Great Society products of the Johnson Administration, and now 17% of the Federal budget, and how this might well be reflected in a government-run health care system. It’s a picture that should terrify any adult with responsibilities for children or aging parents, or who is an aging parent.

Given the willingness of the Democrat-dominated Federal government to cram its decisions down our throats, whether legally or not, expect this. And be prepared to fight. Zerocare, as Dr. Donaldson calls it, is not for the benefit of the population, but, as is the case for all socialist programs, for the power of one-party government.


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