Thursday, May 07, 2009

Supreme Court: A Fine History Lesson by Thomas Sowell

There is a reason why Lady Justice wears a blindfold. There are things that courts are not supposed to see or recognize when making their decisions — the race you belong to, whether you are rich or poor, and other personal things that could bias decisions by judges and juries…Now, however, Pres. Barack Obama has repudiated the ideal itself by saying that he wants to appoint judges with “empathy” for particular groups…This was not an isolated slip of the tongue. Barack Obama said the same thing during last year’s election campaign. Moreover, it is completely consistent with his behavior…and inconsistent with fundamental principles of American government and society…Barack Obama’s vision of America is one in which a president of the United States can fire the head of General Motors, tell bankers how to bank, control the medical system, and…other activities for which neither he nor most other politicians have any expertise or experience…The Constitution of the United States gives no president…the authority to do such things. But spending trillions of dollars to bail out all sorts of companies buys the power to tell them how to operate….Time Is on Our Side, Reshaping the Supreme Court cannot be done overnight, Thomas Sowell, National Review, 4/7/2009

Pretty depressing, but go to the link and read the rest. Sowell has more awareness of history and process than is evident in the new Aadministration. Few columnists have a more solid background for relating the full context, historical and current, of a story critical to our future. You owe it to hope itself to read his essay.


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