Wednesday, May 20, 2009

“Rev” Knox: Obama’s Kind of Religious Advisor: Hates America First

The president’s Catholic supporters…are belied by his decision to appoint a faith advisor…who has repeatedly denounced the Pope and Christians of all denominations who believe in traditional moral values or “heteronormative” fatherhood (including the Apostle Paul), and who has spent years herding clergy into leftist political coalitions with the aim of silencing other clergy….On April 6, President Obama named Harry Knox to the Advisory Council on Faith Based and Neighborhood Partnerships…A defrocked Methodist minister, Knox is now a member of the far-Left United Church of Christ, as is Obama’s mentor, Rev. Jeremiah Wright. Both genuflect at the altar of identity politics and send any who dare disagree with them to the rhetorical stake….Bigot in Chief, Front Page Magazine, 5/20/2009

Hey, the President didn’t notice that Rev. Wright was trashing America, and mainstream values, for twenty years. Should we be surprised when he appoints one of Rev. Wright’s colleagues? Apparently, in this White House, “divisive” means if you disagree with his Hate America First appointments. “Preserve, protect, and defend…” must mean something different in Chicago, as if it were a quote from Al Capone or the El Rukn gang instead of from the Constitution. Or, an article any concerned American should read concludes…

It seems the appointment of an anti-religious bigot like Harry Knox and his attendant Hate Crimes agenda is another facet of Obama and the Left’s all-encompassing desire to squash dissent. The president and his allies are intent to silence the Right, whether by means of the Fairness Doctrine, or banning dissenting voices from the environmental debate, wishing for their opponents’ untimely and painful deaths, or now silencing the other side of the culture wars through legal intimidation. Only by quelling their political opposition can they remake the nation into a Euro-socialist state….(Bigot-in-Chief, Front Page Magazine, 5/20/09…cont’d)


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