Monday, April 19, 2010

More Violence from the Left

Where's the MSM? Oh, that's right. They're covering the nonexistent violence of the Tea Partiers.

Most political animals, at least those on the right side of the aisle, are familiar by now with the violent beating administered to Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal's campaign finance director. If not, here's a quick synopsis from Connie Hair of Human Events:
Allee Bautsch, 25, a top fundraiser for Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, and her boyfriend, Joe Brown, 29, were verbally assailed as they left the event, followed to their car then savagely beaten. 

Bautsch’s leg was “stomped” by her assailants causing breaks in four places that required surgery, a steel rod and seven screws to reconstruct. Brown suffered a broken jaw and nose, a brain concussion and black eye.
Yep, that's right. Real violence as opposed to the "fake but accurate" racism allegedly perpetrated by Tea Partiers on Capitol Hill peacefully protesting the bogus healthcare vote a few weeks back.

Bautsch is still under heavy sedation according to the above report. Meanwhile, at last word, the allegedly Tea Party-victimized Congresspeople remain untouched and have been busily about the business of re-allocating the income of American workers to the public employee unions.

Hair cites third-party visual evidence pretty much proving that the perps were among the usual suspects, violence prone "anarchists" who were careful to avoid leaving tracks.
Mick Wright at the Tennessee Conservative has an extensive array of photographs  of the actual group of protesters in his report on the nature of their signs: all about money and “the rich” and class warfare....Their signs at the GOP event protest included the capital “A” with a circle, an anarchist gang-style symbol, and such gems as, “Capitalist f***s,” “Tax the Rich,” “JINDAL, tell your rich friends to GO HOME,” and “Ruling class robbers” to name a few.
I have good reason to believe that these stealthy, violence prone individuals who magically appear at legitimate political and governmental events around the world (and most particularly at IMF meetings) are actually anarcho-syndicalists.

In their 21st century incarnation, these despicable hoods are basically hardcore Marxists who are covering their tracks by claiming to be simple anarchists. Wrong answer. In the New Orleans attack, I see more "class struggle" than activities consistent with a genuine belief in political anarchy. Hence, anarcho-syndicalism, or, theoretical anarchism that's been overwhelmed by Marxist tenets, especially class hatred. Additionally, these leftist thugs appear to have carefully studied the tactics of Josef Stalin as evidenced by their fearless hyperviolence.

Glenn Reynolds comments:
The hypocrisy has gotten out of control. All the actual violence seems to be coming from lefty thugs. It’s just the hypothetical violence that seems to involve the right.
My little truth formula bears repeating here, I think:
If the Democrats are accusing the Republicans and the Tea Partiers of perpetrating Evil Thing X...

Then the Democrats themselves are currently undertaking Evil Thing X.

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