Tuesday, April 13, 2010

WaPo Ombudsman Not as Smart as He Thinks He Is

...or, Missing the Salient Point

Most of the right-side blogosphere has had ample time to comment on the so-called "racial incidents" attributed to certain alleged Tea Partiers after Congressional ObamaCare PelosiCare supporters staged their smarmy, outdoor triumphal march to celebrate this odious bill's passage. You know, the demonstration where black Congressmen were allegedly assaulted with the "N" word and, in one case, allegedly spat upon.

In the Washington Post's Sunday ombudsman column, Andrew Alexander sums up the incident(s) in question, essentially claiming the paper's staffers correctly reported on the Tea Party's evildoers but chiding them for not pinning things down a bit more precisely. He even gives the benefit of the doubt to the alleged spitter.

In his sniffy attempt to exonerate the paper's typically lazy, liberal reportage, however, Alexander totally ignores the elephant in the room (no pun intended). Many Tea Party demonstrations have been infiltrated by left wing trolls posing as Tea Partiers who conduct themselves in ways that are guaranteed to bring discredit on the movement by attracting unfavorable media attention. Check out this story by Dana Loesch who details the efforts of one such left-wing miscreant. There are many  more.
 Phony, obnoxious signs and phony "racist" demonstrators are classic disruptive devices meant to belittle, marginalize, and stigmatize any individual, group, or movement that doesn't move in lockstep with America's Stalinist left. We know the tactics. We've seen them before. The press should know better, should be more curious, and should investigate before reporting this kind of street theater as received fact. But they don't. The lefty plants aid and abet the MSM's standard left-wing narrative wherein any American who doesn't wholeheartedly support socialism is a sub-human jerk.

In his eagerness to defend his narrow-minded, incurious reporters, Alexander never once holds up the possibility that most if not all the post-healthcare bad behavior he cites might have been staged by left-wing plants, not legitimate Tea Partiers. Think again, Andrew. You've read Saul Alinsky's Rules for Radicals? Haven't you? Fix, target, smear, slander. Variations on a familiar theme.

Wake up and get a life.

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