Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Stupak on the Way Out?

Flip-flopping 'Rat may call it quits.

Interesting news from Michigan's Upper Peninsula. As we predicted here earlier, Rep. Bart Stupak, who was against abortion in the Obamacare fiasco before he was for it, has apparently checked out which way the wind was blowing. Surprise! Looks like it might be a Republican wind. Hence, the Bartster is rumored to be considering, er, maybe spending more time with his family?

The Washington Examiner reports:
Money has been flooding into the coffers of Stupak’s opponent ever since he flip-flopped on abortion funding. If Stupak doesn’t run, his district is a likely GOP pickup.
Ah, the rewards for supporting Pelosi Reid Obamacare. Let's work on retiring a few dozen more of these clowns in Congress. Hopefully, Michigan's Yoopers will go back to their traditional Republican base this fall. It's not like the Dems, both local and national, have done that state much good recently, eh?

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