Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Circumcise San Francisco

The Middle East is in chaos. Oil prices are skyrocketing through the roof. 'Fraidy Cat Democrats have abdicated in Wisconsin and now in Indiana to thwart the voters' clear will. Housing prices are plummeting once again. This nation is in serious trouble. So what's on the minds of San Franciscans today?
Self-described "civil rights advocates" say that a ballot proposition to ban circumcision is on track for gathering signatures, meaning that San Franciscans may vote on the measure this November.
That's right. According to Bay Area, today's hot issue in the People's Republic of San Fran is whether or not foreskins should be removed. Medical arguments pro and con aside, what the hell is the point here? We get the "freedom to choose" when it comes to abortion, but not on whether to retain foreskins? Where's the logic? Where's the common sense? Why now when so many other things are clearly more important, like California's insolvency for example?

This nonsense it typical of the Democrat-riddled nanny-state run truly amok. The individuals and pols pushing this nonsensical ballot provision are trapped in a case of arrested adolescence. They are not functioning as adults. Even more than the public employee union nonsense now being played out in the Rust Belt, such preoccupation with the trivial over the substantial is the hallmark of a failed political and personal philosophy.

BTW, as the former owner of a foreskin myself, I can attest that its absence hasn't made a damn bit of difference in my life, one way or the other.

Grow up, San Francisco. And stay out of people's private business.

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