Monday, February 28, 2011

Peter Yarrow is in Wisconsin. Wonder Why?

Ann Althouse duly notes that once-famous faux singer Peter Yarrow has shown up in Madison to uphold union solidarity as funded via limitless taxpayer impoverishment. In the same piece, she wonders why better leftist entertainers either weren't invited or decided not to come.

The answer is simple. Yarrow, of "Peter, Paul and Mary" fame is one of the last musical survivors of an era when moderately talented acoustic singers of the Marxist persuasion rebranded themselves as friendly, benign "folk singers," the better to transmit Communist propaganda to a new generation while appearing as friendly grassroots entertainers carrying on "American musical tradition."

Case in point: Mary Travers herself attended New York City's notorious Little Red Schoolhouse, a public school with an essentially socialist curriculum, supported, of course, by the hapless taxpayer. It was a fine launching pad for her later career as a friendly subversive "patriot."

All three singers in the trio are classic examples of how the long march of the tattered Popular Front tradition gradually infiltrated music, the arts, and the entertainment industry to the extent where few in those fields today will admit to anything other than socialist leanings.

But back to Peter. Yarrow has faithfully carried on that Little Red Schoolhouse-style tradition, most recently in 2005 when he traveled to Ho Chi Minh City Saigon to apologize for America's actions in the Vietnam War. What a patriot. Just the guy with enough street cred to support the patriotic Wisconsin Public Employees. (The story was reported, by the way, on the website of the Organic Consumers Association which pretty much telegraphs the real intentions of this particular front group.)

Anyhow, it's small wonder that this knee-jerk old Commie was happy to show up at Marxism's Last Stand in Madison. He has nothing to lose. The other rich lefty entertainers still have careers. They've no doubt determined that an appearance along with Wisconsin's selfish union thugs won't exactly enhance their image or box office magic with the general public. Yarrow could care less. At least he's consistent.

Power to the People, Right On.

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