Monday, September 24, 2007

Dan Rather: Phone Home

One of the things that has never ceased to amaze me is just how many rich leftists out there just don't have a clue. Take Dapper Dan Rather of "fake but accurate" fame. Rather has now announced he's filing a $70M suit against CBS, his former employer, for the way it treated him after he spent a considerable amount of the network's time and money promoting a lie. Writes Howard Kurtz:
I've been scouring the Net, searching for anyone this side of Mary Mapes who says Dan Rather helped himself with his $70-million suit against CBS. No luck.
Uh, yeah Howie. Even a sentient 10-year old would have been able to figure out quite quickly that Rather's "smoking gun" indictment of Bush was a clearly faked document: faked in a way so sublimely stupid as to guarantee getting caught red-handed. Except if your MSM target was in the throes of Bush Derangement Syndrome .

What's really going on with Rather is the same thing that periodically agitates the "reverends" Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. If they're off-camera long enough, they can't stand it and will arrange to show up, uninvited, at the latest alleged racial outrage. Not in order to solve the problem. But to get camera face time themselves. Hope these clowns don't work with a PR agent. They don't need one.

Rather has a mutation of the same disease. He hates not being able to denounce the Bushies every night on network TV. Can't stand it. Wants attention and face time again to raise the same bloody issue that was discredited the first time around. Best way to do this? Blame it on somebody else, like your employer for example. Like any good Democrat, Dan is a victim. Hence, the suit.

That's all it is. Camera time and vanity. And, of course, obtuseness in Dan's case, as he continues to swear that an obvious forgery is a valid document. What an arrogant dope.

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