Tuesday, September 18, 2007

New Title for Republicans' Reading Lists

"Liberals" (we call 'em Socialists here at HazZzMat) fairly burst with pride when they describe their endless "tolerance" for Islamofascists, Fidel Castro, perverts, you name it, they're "tolerant."

Except, of course, for Conservatives, Republicans, married people, church-goers, patriots, "the troops" (which of course, they "support")...well, you get the picture.

Ironically, though, these hypocrites become pretty intolerant when it comes to how we conduct our daily lives. Tobacco products are increasingly banned everywhere. Foie gras is now verboten in Chicago, courtesy of "tolerant" animal rights freaks who obviously never saw a lion violating a gazelle's animal rights on Animal Planet. ("Why do you think they call them ANIMALS?" snarled one commercial a few years back.) The heavenly smell of movie theater popcorn popped in coconut oil has been banned for years, courtesy of the bogus lobbying organization for leftist busybodies disguised as the Center for Science in the Public Interest. Next thing you know, the Carbon Police will be inspecting your light bulbs and handing out tickets for incandescents.

I don't know about you, but one of the major reasons I moved away from home many years ago was to get away from mom's endless fussing, rulemaking, and generally restrictive rule system that required me to be "normal" at all times. Who knew that decades later, an army of "tolerant liberals," i.e., lifestyle fascists, would take up, for all of us, where mom left off?

Well, if you're sick of the creeping Nanny State, there's hope:

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