Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Soros Client Pushes Law of the Seas Treaty

On Thursday, presidential wannabe Biden will chair hearings intended to lead to the ratification of the quarter-century-old Law of the Sea treaty (LOST), a document that would severely restrict our ability to use oceans to defend ourselves and would turn over control of 70% of the world's surface to a U.N. bureaucracy...., Editorial, Investor's Business Daily, 9/25/2007

The acronym LOST for Law of the Seas Treaty is probably posted on a solid gold sign in George Soros's office. Ronald Reagan tossed this bad treaty in the trash twenty-five years ago, as have a number of subsequent Senates. LOST was written by the former Soviet bloc in an effort to restrict US naval supremacy. This history is evidently lost on Sen. Biden. It should not be lost on you. Do you like the idea of having to ask permission if we can defend our own bays, inlets and harbors? Write your Senator to vote "NO" on the Law of the Seas Treaty.


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Wonker said...

Glad to see you getting on the Soros stuff, Luthor. This clown is a one-man Marxist front, another rich leftist trying to wreck our country by funding all manner of subversion. This "one world" stuff has to be exposed for what it is: the rejuvenation of Stalinism. The MSM will never expose Soros for what he is because they agree with his aims.