Wednesday, September 05, 2007

MTV Needs (Conservative) Young Journalists

Hugh Hewitt reports that MTV is looking for young journalists to cover the 2008 election action. Here's a description of the kind of young dude or dudette they're looking for:
Ideal candidates will have their finger on the pulse of issues that are important to young people in their state and be passionate about politics and the possibilities of new technology. Strong writing and reporting skills are a must; distinct voice and authoritative point of view… even better.
Observes Hugh:
MTV wants you. And I hope some young conservatives apply.
So do I, Hugh.

But I hope you're not betting real money that even one young conservative making the cut. As we both know, the young today are only "passionate" about "Global Warming" and ending Chimpy BushMacHitler's insane and illegal war. All competing belief systems lack a "distinct voice" and an "authoritative" point of view. And besides, as Duke professor Robert Brandon famously asserted, we all know that conservatives are stupid anyway. So who are you or I or MTV to argue with our intellectual superiors like Professor Bob?

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