Saturday, September 15, 2007

Jim Moran (D-VA) "Macacas" Again. Who Cares?

Northern Virginia Congressman James Moran (D-VA) has made a career, it seems, of tossing out casual, anti-Semetic statements and screeds again and again. Usually, there's a little half-hearted dust up in the Washington Post, and then everything is okay shortly thereafter. So it's not surprising that he's done it yet again, this time more or less accusing Jews of being the evil power behind "Bush's War," which rational people still call the Global War on Terrorism.

Instapundit's Glenn Reynolds comments:
“There are only so many mistakes he can make before it’s fair to call him an anti-Semite.” Are we there yet?
Well, Glenn, we've been "there" again and again. I oughta know. He's my Congressman, unfortunately. (Don't blame me. They gerrymandered a safe district for him after the last census, and yeah, the Repubs cooperated to keep their seats safe, too. The great weakness in our electoral system, I think.)

Glenn continues:
And this advice: "How should Democrats deal with this guy? Here’s a proposal: Ask Mark Warner."
Earth to Glenn: The Democrats don't NEED to deal with this guy. He's a Democrat. They will not call for him to resign. Any criticism coming from them will be muted to zero. The Washington Times will stay on him for awhile, as befits them in their role as Washington's better paper. And the Post will harrumph in an editorial and an op-ed or two (as today), and then he'll get another pass.

Remember. Moran is a Democrat. He will stay. And he will be re-elected by his Democrat-heavy gerrymandered district if he chooses to run next year. This unlike the hapless former Senator George Allen (R-VA), who's silly "macaca" comment drove the Post's A-Section for the bulk of Election Summer 2006 helping cost him his senate seat. Which, of course, gave the Senate to the 'Rats.

How could this have happened? Allen is a Republican, of course. One unfortunate word was sufficient to undo his entire career as a popular Governor and legislator.

Jim Moran is a Democrat. Nothing will undo his career unless he decides to do it himself. Most certainly not his stellar, never-ending stream of anti-Semetic comments. He apologizes every time he does it, and the matter is always dropped shortly thereafter.

And the Post won't whack him in the A-Section all next summer either.

Remember, Glenn, the Dems will never do anything to mess with their majorities. But the Republicans, the Stupid Party, always will. And the MSM will always help.

(BTW, Mark Warner (D-VA) will probably win retiring John Warner's (R-VA, no relation) senate seat next fall. More on this later.)

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