Monday, September 01, 2008

Kos Kids' Hurricane of Stupidity

We returned to blogging 2 days ago after yet another hiatus (to be explained shortly) and celebrated John McCain's new running mate, the down-to-earth, conservative and, yes, attractive Alaska Governor Sarah Palin. Wonker had actually been hoping for this inspired and inspiring choice, but the McCain-ites kept their cards close to the vest and the announcement pretty much surprised everyone, myself included.

Of course, it didn't take the Stalinists on the left, centered as usual at the despicable Daily Kos site to immediately push the rumor that the Palin's latest family addition, carried to term with a known birth defect and bravely NOT aborted, was not the Governor's child. Nope, the new arrival, according to the Kos Kids, was secretly the illegitimate child of the Governor's 16-year old daughter. All this based on a random family photograph which provides no medical evidence for anything.

Not only has this despicable rumor absolutely zero basis in fact. But it illustrates the true Stalinist core of the hard left in this country for which an absolute lie is no lie at all if it smears and discredits its opponents. Ann Althouse, for one, is enraged, and vents, with good links and revealing blog commentaries here. Oblivious to his own increasing madness, the once respectable Andrew Sullivan picks up the baseless rumor and runs with it here. By their friends you shall know them. This is a pretty low blow (if you'll forgive the expression), even for Andrew.

It also lays to rest all the pious bleating that Democrat family members, ranging at various times from Chelsea Clinton to Michelle Obama are somehow "off-limits" to this kind of MSM and blog smearing and slander since they are not the ones running for public office. How quickly that noble rule changes when the innocent family member is the offspring of a Republican candidate.

When you examine this kind of behavior, you can readily connect the dots, noting that this kind of blatant and downright evil disregard for the truth is not far removed from Valery Putin's recent "rescue" of the South Ossetians from the nefarious (read democratic) Georgians. Is this a stretch? I think not.

This favored leftist tactic, again, for those who don't read us regularly: lie loud enough and long enough and the lie becomes the perceived truth. Putin's likely to get away with his Georgian lie because no one's really paying attention or, alternatively, because they're afraid to "arouse" the already obviously aroused Russian Bear once again.

Fortunately, the left's outrageous smear of the Palin family on this side of the Atlantic is not going to stick. It's going to backfire on the left-wing fascists who are promoting it. Voters are sick of this kind of behavior. And their response will be showing up at the ballot box this fall in a way that will seriously gob-smack the left and its mindless media cheerleaders who are complicit in promoting this sickening stuff.

UPDATE: Surprising Turn. Just up on the web and apparently confirmed is a story that Governor Palin's teenage daughter IS pregnant but will carry the child to term and marry the dad. While this will now lead to revised smearing and snarking on Stalinist websites like Kos, and while this is hardly a optimal development, it does nonetheless put the uglier earlier rumor to rest. It's unfortunate that Miss Palin's no longer secret secret will subject her now to the kind of ugliness that she could never have imagined. But again, if this stuff goes over the top, which it will, it will again redound upon the attackers.

According to Fox's version of AP material,

The Palins asked the media to respect their family’s privacy.

“Bristol and the young man she will marry are going to realize very quickly the difficulties of raising a child, which is why they will have the love and support of our entire family. We ask the media to respect our daughter and Levi’s privacy as has always been the tradition of children of candidates.”

Word is that the McCainites knew this was coming and nominated Palin anyway. We think that's just fine. The family is doing the honorable thing, unlike many. And they have no illusions about how tough this will be for the young couple. Frankly, in a somewhat different way, this is how Mr. and Mrs. Wonker started out their long running partnership over 37 years ago, putting a relationship together amidst circumstances that were not the best. It's not the best way to get started in life, but it doesn't have to be a game-ender either.

Note to media: now leave this family the hell alone.

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